Planetary Art Network Report X Council of Visions, Mexico.

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Report of the X Consejo de Visiones, the call of the Eagle in the Bioregion of the Monkey, México

Vision is not seeing things like they are... but how they will be!

¡Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evan Maya E Ma Ho!

By: Hun Ik, G.A. 222

I began the transit through the Overtone Moon of the Peacock of the Overtone Red Moon Year in Tecmitla, where the x Council of Visions, also known as the Call of the Eagle took place, a Timespace in which for a heptad a Peace Village was built.

The call was made by Alberto Ruz Buenfil, better known as El Subcoyote alberto, son of the discoverer of the Tomb of the Great King Pakal Votan in the Temple of the inscriptions, in Palenque, a great activist for Peace through Art, head of the Rainbow Convoy, and a close person to the 13 Moons of 28 Days for Peace Movement, as well as dear friend of Valum Votan.

This was the tenth edition of this event, that was born in the early 90’s in Mexico, and has traveled to countries such as Peru (Call of the Condor) and Brasil (Call of the Beijaflor). To know more about the history of these calls, you can visit

The first day of work was on Red Cosmic Dragon, Alfa 1 of the Overtone Moon of the Peacock, and the Galactic Signature of one of the organizers, Iván Sawyer (of whom I will speak more ahead). The work was opened in the plenary session, an activity that took place each day to make announcements and organize the labor of the clans in the Peace Village.

All the participants were assigned to a clan that would have to help with specific activities for everyone’s well being, however, the lack of compromise of a lot of people was notorious, and this made that the few that really worked in the tasks had more work to do. It seems that we have really forgotten as a race how to live in group, and we still need to understand that the common welfare is translated as the individual welfare, and if something affects the group, it will affect everyone, even though it might seem that there isn’t an obvious and direct connection.

The ones who really saved the situation were the organizers and volunteers, people really compromised with the success of this small experiment. Among them was Odin Ruz, son of Alberto, a man with a clear vision and passion to share all of his knowledge with people living in Mexico City.

Once the plenary session was over, the different activities organized by the councils began. I initially participated in the Ecology Council, in part a strategy to nurture myself in the topic because of the project of the Noosphere Development Centre I am planning in the state of Querétaro, and to connect with people that have experience in topics of permaculture and sustainability, pillars for the change of paradigm 12:60 to 13:20. Different activities took place in parallel, the interest in these topics was so broad that the working groups were saturated.

Council of Ecology on a Workshop about Organic Agriculture

An important activity in which I had the chance to participate was the Round Table of Eco-villages, in which the experiences of groups that have developed eco-villages in Mexico as well as in other countries were shared with those of us who are looking for guidance to being projects of this kind, so we could have detailed references and advice to make our plans work adequately. The moderator was Arnold Ricalde, Kin Spectral Yellow Sun, a person that I admire, and that has personally inspired me tremendously since I know him. It is because of his enthusiasm, vision and energy that he is achieving important changes in matters related to Ecology in the country.

Arnold Ricalde, Yellow Spectral Sun.

As my wish was to live a little bit more time is art, I decided to move around the different areas and councils to navigate in everything that was being shared, and the next activity in which I participated was the Circle of Women. They were installed in a teepee, and I arrived synchronically at the time that an activity was taking place. I have been a while in groups and meeting people (practically all my life, since I was a child), and I was surprised tremendously by the authentic sisterhood in that group of women that gave us so much love and wisdom.

Three Grandmothers were directing the activities, Grandmother Angélica, Grandmother Eagle Wings (from Venezuela) and Verónica Sacta, who is the dear partner of Subcoyote Alberto. These wonderful women took into their group both men and women that wanted to get in touch with their feminine side, in an environment of true unconditional love and compassion. Among the activities they had, there was a sweat lodge just for women, which was really a unique experience, even though many of us were strangers, inside the sweat lodge, that represents the Mother’s womb, we were like sisters as one voice, singing to the Pacha Mamma, and to our inner being, as Grandmother Angélica said, this was a sweat lodge of Queens.

Grandmother Wings of Eagle and Grandmother Angélica

Every morning, before the Sun rose, the grandmothers were attentive to the Central Fire, waiting for the Dawn, directing the greeting of the Sun. I had the opportunity to assist to every dawn in the time I was in the Peace Village, watching Venus before it disappeared, as well as Arcturus, right in the North. The day Kin Electric Yellow Seed I was allowed to direct the Prayer of the Seven Galactic Directions, it was an honor and great joy for me to be able to do it, having present in my heart all the Kin that wished to be present with us and couldn’t arrive.

And speaking of Kin, we made the magic flight from the Wavespell of the Red Moon to enter the Wavespell of the White Wind. It was a great happiness for me as well to live my galactic signature during the event, and even more so to meet two Galactic Twins that very same day, and to hug them. Synchrony was ever present, as another one of the organizers, Israel Magaña, White Self-existing Mirror, celebrated his Solar Return (birthday) the following day. The energies of the wind were concentrated, attracting spirit to transcend timelessness, which to my point of view, was also one of the purposes of the Call of the Eagle.

Israel Magaña, Kin White Self-existing Mirror, on his Solar Return (birthday).

Another active Council was the one of the New Time, where many Kin from Mexico and other countries arrived. Among them the coordinator, Noelle Romero, Overtone Blue Eagle; Karina Pérez, White Cosmic Wizard (also in the Wavespell of the Wind); Luis Zavala, Electric White Mirror and Gustavo White Lunar Wind, who arrived from the Peace Garden of Tulan; Nuno, a Kin from Portugal that is installed in Tulum... Luis gave us several talks about Synchronotron, Nuno gave a presentation about the clear signals of the prophecy on the tomb of Pacal Votan, and Noelle and Karina introductory presentations to all of the 13:20 knowledge.

Kin celebrating 13:20

Nuno sharing with participants his presentation about Pacal Votan's Tomb

To the call of the Eagle also arrived a key person in the development of the knowledge delivered by Valum Votan; I am speaking of Mother Tynetta Muhammad, a really humble and loving woman who shared with Valum the text “From the Distant Tulan” , as well as important data about the numbers 1-19 in the Qumran that have great parallel with the discoveries of the New Law of Time.

Mother Tynetta with me, Hun Ik

I had the chance to share some moments with her, and just before going into the Women’s sweatlodge, a group of Sufi Dervish dancers arrived, and they talked to us about the whirling dance and the whole meaning of their garments, the music and the songs they sing, as well as the process of the dance; she told us about the sound “Hu”, that is a sacred sound, and how it is not a matter of coincidence that it forms part of “Hunab Ku”; I had the opportunity to dance for a few minutes, the dance is made from right to left, observing one hand to maintain equilibrium; for me, it was a truly magic moment, mi vision turned into a whole vision, I died to myself to integrate to the All, flowing, it was a moment of great revelation; when the dervishes explained to us that the purpose of the dance is precisely to die to your ego and join the All, I understood perfectly what they were talking about. It was a truly shocking moment in my personal history.

Dervish Dancer

As to the artistic side of the event, a great deal of artists, musicians, dancers of all ages and countries you could imagine arrived… paintings were made, gigantic masks with materials taken from nature itself, there was music and singing around the fire, a space was opened to whomever wanted to share their music in a central stage. One of the artists that I was the happiest to meet was Duncan Bridgeman, member of the group 1 Giant Leap, who was recording many musicians and singers present in the event, as well as documenting what was going on.

I also had the chance to talk some minutes with him, he is a very creative man. He invited me to observe how his team was recorded for a while, and I saw two people singing a song by Francisco Gabilondo Soler, also known as Cri-Cri; they sang “El Chorrito”, and I immediately went back to my childhood. It was a very curious moment, as a child I never would have imagined that I would sing with my heart that song again as an adult in the place and time I did.

Duncan shared in the call the newest Project by 1 Giant Leap, a documentary called “What About Me?”. Artists like K.D. Lang, Lila Downs, Maxxi Jazz, to mention some, participated in it. I didn’t have the chance to watch the movie, and I told Duncan so, to what he responded to me… it’s just that it wasn’t your time to watch it… you’ll have to be patient! And he also said that he had been waiting for over 5 years to have the DVD distributed, so if he can wait... obviously so can I!

Natural Mask created by the Arts Council

The days kept passing by, and I had the chance to meet wonderful people, and share with them a little bit of everything that is worked with the New Law of Time. At the same time, I noticed that due to the tolerance of this beautiful family, a certain kind of people arrived whose energy or purpose were not precisely in coincidence with the purpose of the event. I think it is very important to mention this, because it is something that is actually happening, and perhaps many of the people that were there, owing to their great heart and higher vision of what is wanted to achieve, won’t speak about it.

There is people jumping from rainbow to rainbow, or participating in this kind of events continuously to evade reality and not take responsibility of their here and now. I can understand perfectly that the situation we are living worldwide is not the best, which is why we might be driven to seek for spaces with love and tolerance, however, always being in this type of villages or places, taking out of context the use of power plants or tools to elevate consciousness and generate a self-knowledge, instead of raising the vibrational frequency of the group, lowers it very much, and disperses the energy, preventing that the original purpose be achieved in its true potential.

I found that everything what was positive was in extreme positive, but the not so positive was truly absorbent and negative. Many mothers let their children run around without taking care of them, the work of the councils was constantly interrupted, and there were as well people with a very negative energy that were looking to nourish themselves from the group without giving anything in return, waiting to receive without giving anything in return, which I find very sad.

I think that the great challenge of those of us who were there is to go a step beyond... what we lived was real, we were a part of a Peace Village, a heightened vision pulsating by a group of active dreamers, and it is possible to make it real and make it work in our places of residence or origin; but that is precisely the challenge, not to allow that the experience remain as a memory of those days that we lived together, but that everything we learned and observed be applied in our everyday lives; not just saying, oh how nice it was to live for 7 days in an utopia, and leave it at that, or just to go jumping from utopia to utopia. We have to make it real, not just leave it as a dream or as a spiritual retreat, or to believe that just because we were there we have done something substantial to change the world... the work needed is much bigger than that.

Almost to close the event, on November 19th, Kin Red Self-Existing Serpent, day5 of the Moon 5 of the Year 5, the ceremony of the New Fire was celebrated. It was a day of tremendous purification, of a connection with our feminine side, with the Moon that was almost full; it was a great blessing that at the moment that the New Fire was lit in Malinalco, the Women’s sweatlodge took place. The command of the flow was empowered, which is the purpose of this year of the Red Overtone Moon. During the night many dances and ceremonies were conducted as well.

Dancing around the New Fire

At Dawn, there was a fire of approximately a meter and a half tall in the Central Fire; native dancers called “concheros” arrived to greet the new day, and little by little, all the inhabitants of the Peace Village gathered around the fire in pre-hispanic dances. Once that the Sun came out and the dances were paused, el Subcoyote Alberto delivered his cane to the new generation, represented by Iván Sawyer, Red Cosmic Dragon, in a very emotive moment, both for the delivering party, the Grandparents and Parents, who gave the leadership to the young, as well as for the new generation that received the great responsibility of continuing the work of these wonderful beings.

Emotional Moment in which Iván Sawyer, Red Cosmic Dragon, receives the cane of Subcoyote Alberto.

We, the younger generation, were called to hug each other in a dance to celebrate this moment, and afterwards, we held hands, circulating, looking at each other with a lot of love and forgiveness. This moment was particularly important to me, since this exercise allowed me to realize that even though there are people that I might have differences with, if the energy is in movement, we can integrate in the whole, and these discrepancies fade away; I also understood that it is not necessary to love each other or get along perfectly well, there can be differences, and there is no problem with that; the important thing is to let people be, if our energy doesn’t resonate with that of others, just concentrate our energy in our work and path, bless them and allow them to walk their own path, without forcing a situation, a point of view or a reality.

The integration was so strong, and the feeling of oneness was so beautiful, that many of us couldn’t help crying. In particular, I cried because a moment of clarity and enormous gratitude for my family reached me, and the wish to have shared that moment with them. The gratitude was for all their love and unconditional support, since even though it was a particularly challenging moment due to work in our small family business, they allowed me to make this trip and assist to the call, and they are always there with me when I organize an event as the Day Out of Time Festival. Through these words, I publicly thank them all their love, support and understanding.

Gateway to the New World

After this spinning as one, a Gateway was built, representing the passing from an Old World to a New World… it was a great initiation moment, we consciously took the step towards the fifth dimension, the sixth sun, the World we want to be; we crossed dancing, singing, and we were received on the other side by these loving and happy beings, celebrating our new birthday, on the Overtone White Worldbridger Kin.

Welcome to the New World! We are already there!

Finally, some hours later, we gathered around the Central Fire, representatives and participants of all the councils to make the official closure of activities; first, the Children’s Council sung us wonderful songs; then, the Ecology Council shared their vision of sustainability; the group of young people of the Punk Movement talked about their experience in the call; then, Mother Tynetta was allowed to speak from her heart; then the Spirituality Council, with chants and words of love and unity.

Closure of activities at the Council of Visions.

It was then the turn of the Council of the New Time to share some words; I was allowed to begin our closure, reminding everyone that was gathered there the importance of the change of paradigm from Time is Money to Time is Art; and how we were able t olive during this event this reality, and that the time of change to regenerate the Earth and humanity is Now; Luis, Electric White Mirror finished the speech speaking about the 13 Moons of 28 days Movement for Peace; afterwards, the Council of Art spoke, singing and embodying Time is Art; and finally, the Council of Young People, with so much joy and energy, ready to continue the work that was begun by the pioneers of the Rainbow Convoy for Peace.

Words of Closure of the Council of the New Time, with the support of Planetary Kin

Slowly, the Sun began to set… the Full Moon came out on the horizon… and the adventure for Hun Ik was arriving to its end... to give start to the continuation of what was sown during this wonderful heptad...

As a conclusion I can say that I was very fortunate in participating in this Call of the Eagle, because I was witness to a very important historical moment; because I met incredibly talented and wonderful people; but mainly, because I was more concretely aware of the challenges, because what I experienced made me realize the potential of the Homo Noosphericus, it allowed me to get to know myself more, and understand that in spite of the polarity or energetic dispersion, there will always be dreamers holding the higher vision, and it is them whom we have to support to make the change real.

To all the people that I spoke to and interacted with but did not mention, you are all in my heart, thank you for making this experience so enriching for me.

In Lak’ Ech!

Klatu Barada Nikto,

Aida Seguin, Hun Ik, Galactic Agent 222

Noospheric Sciences Unit Mexxicamelot

San Juan del Río, Querétaro, Bioregion of the Monkey, Mexico.

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