Noospheric Experiment Sept. 9 to 11 2011.

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Greetings CREST13, 13:20 garden centers,
and solo 13:20 navigators

I invite you to join me and the FLT on the inner realms for a three-day meditation and juice fast (optional) on Lunar Moon 18-20 as we close out this spin and open a new one on Magnetic Dragon (Gregorian 9-11). The intention is to strengthen our telepathic network of light and to collectively beam visions of our highest dream into the noosphere. This spin will see us bridging into 2012 and concludes on Spectral Moon 27.

The plan for these three days is to observe as much silence as possible and open ourselves as receptive vessels for Spirit. If you already have plans for these days, then just do as much as you can. I will be doing the synchronic codes in the early morning and then use the rest of the day for meditation and contemplation. Do as many meditation sessions as you like using an incense stick as your "timer".

The main practice is relaxing your mind into itself and allowing yourself to dissolve into the Universal Mind. You might also include the noosphere meditation. For the rest of the day try to remain in a contemplative space. You might read scriptures or spiritual text, write in your journal and do some yoga or light walking and just contemplating in general.

Throughout the day as much as possible flash on the image of the rainbow bridge around our planet visualizing a regenerated Earth with all beings happy. Whenever your mind starts to wander flash to this image so that it becomes your galactic screen saver.

Day 1: Blue Crystal Storm (9-9-11)

We can begin our meditation on the Crystal Storm by dedicating our body speech and mind in service to the All Good, Most High. Keeping in mind that through our effort at meditation and contacting Higher mind we are catalyzing universal energy for all beings. Being that this is the crystal tone of cooperation, we can all tune into each other and know we are telepathically united at the galactic round table. And of course we are guided by the power of magic (galactic signature of Madame Blavatsky).

Note that on this day the psi chrono is Kin 31, Blue Overtone Monkey (galactic signature of Valum Votan on his 72nd birthday), and the long count is Kin 211, clear sign of Pacal Votan. This is also the day of the initiation. We can trust that all of us who practice are receiving an initiation from the galactic beings that are monitoring this experiment.

Day 2: Yellow Cosmic Sun (9-10-11)

On this day we can focus on the inner sun and the coming solar age. What would life be like if everyone were enlightened? That is something to contemplate. After the first morning meditation reflect on this past spin that began on Christmas Day 2010! A powerful day to sit with and feel the totality of your being and with focus on the Supreme Creator that ignites and animates all beings!

Day 3: Red Magnetic Dragon (9-11-11)

The new spin begins! Note that because of leap day the next Magnetic Dragon has the long count of 6 Ix, which codes this year (Rhythmic Wizard). On this day the long count will be 5 Ben, galactic signature of this past Day out of Time.

On this day we can creatively envision the next 260-day cycle. Dream Really Big. And write down your Highest Dreams for this cycle, personally, collectively and for the whole Earth. Beam your highest visions through your third eye into the noosphere. Some of you might want to carry the meditation through one more day to the full moon and rainbow bridge meditation …

Those of you who would like to participate, please send your name, galactic signature and bioregion to Also we would love to receive moonly reports from you and/or update your center’s status by contacting Ishram at

Love and In Lak’ech
Stephanie/Red Queen/Kin 185

Foundation for the Law of Time | | PO Box 156, Ashland, OR 97520

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