Reflections on Valum Votan’s Dimensional Shift by the Red Queen.

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Reflections on Valum Votan’s Dimensional Shift

Spectral Moon 16—Kin 144

Dear Cosmic Kin--

I am writing to share with you some reflections on this Kin 144, 55 days after Jose/Valum Votan’s departure and also 25 spins from the beginning of the first year of the Telektonon Prophecy. Spectral 17 – Lunar Serpent -- marks exactly two moons (56 days) since his departure from this planet.

Since this time 55 days ago the majority of my days have been spent in solitude, entering into a sacred hermitage where I have experienced intensive depths of being unlike anything I have ever experienced.

On Day 49 we had a small ceremony to spread his ashes. It was a cold, drizzly rainy afternoon. But as we began to spread the ashes (in the trees, on lotus pond, in his Zen rock garden), a deep feeling of liberation and happiness began to occur. We sensed his presence all around. For his cremation he was dressed in a rainbow tie die shirt, a jade necklace, a turquoise ring, his Siberian shaman jacket and hat, a replica of the sarcophagus lid of Pacal Votan, a jade cube, a jade sphere, a 13 moon calendar and a photo of his son, Josh. (Note that he said he would not be returning to Earth any time soon – in fact he gave the date 4772)

I was fortunate to be able to meditate on his body, feeling deeply the transience and impermanence of this life. This altered my perceptions about many things very quickly. The message I received was not to mourn the physical body but to seek the undying Force that animated the body. I understood that during the last 9 years VV had evolved his mind to such a degree through intensive discipline, practice and prayer that he reached a level where he was existing almost full time in another dimension and the physical was as a dream body projection—it is only the dream body that fell away—but the living transmission continues.

I am deeply humbled and moved to the depths of my being for the time, patience, care, love and trust he took with me to impart this most sacred stream of knowledge and teach me how to stay connected with the ongoing stream of transmission known as GM108X—Galactic Mayan Mind Transmission. This is not something I take lightly but with great care and responsibility.

One day while contemplating this, I was seized by the deepest waves of grief and sadness. With no solace to be found in the outer world, I turned inward for three days of intense prayer and meditation—seeking the Source. After a period of deep surrender, I was blessed with a most liberating experience of the truth that Absolutely Everything comes from God--the Supreme Creator. It is this God-force alone who loves us through our loved ones. It is this God-force alone who is the Grantor and Source of all knowledge. When I surrendered to this Force, waves of light-heat love energy begin to ripple through my body opening me to the realization of the Source of All, the Divine Intelligence, the Universal Mind, The Originator of Love, the Divine Choreographer, the Master of Synchronicity, the Navigator of the Soul, the Supreme Creative Intelligence Capable of Anything, the Unlimited One, the Most Harmonious, the Originator of the Highest Dream, Keeper of all the knowledge that ever was or ever will be. This is the highest teaching that I received from ValumVotan. Eternal gratitude.

The more I reflect on VV’s final words: Everything is perfect, the more crystalline becomes the ordering of events--for the Divine Choreographer of All never makes mistakes. I believe that whatever circumstances we may find ourselves in was designed by a Most Benevolent Creator so that we may learn a lesson of spirit. If we resist, then the lesson is painful. If we accept and trust, then we can move through it with grace. Once the lesson is learned then things change.

We are all fortunate who have been able to receive the teachings of the synchronic order as brought through by Valum Votan. In contemplating the often arduous process that he had to go through on the human realm to bring these teachings through and remain true to his vision, makes me feel happy that he is finally free from the constraints and misperceptions of the physical world. It is interesting to note that he departed this world in the frequency of the Supermoon. The last time the Supermoon occurred was in 1993, the first year of Telektonon prophecy, Kin 144!

His process of receiving and spreading the message of the New Time required two parts: In the first part Lloydine/Bolon Ik, as his wife and co-founder of Planet Art Network, was essential in assisting in the seeding the message of the New Time all around the planet, first through the Dreamspell and 13 Moon calendar, and then through a 9-year cycle that began with the Telektonon prophecy (1993-2002).

Then came his next 9-year cycle (2002-2011) of the “apprenticeship”/Cosmic History and the Noosphere II project. My role has been a deeply initiatic and intensive process of learning, discipline, transmission and reception – a non-stop process. These two nine year cycles were each essential. Two different functions. Two different times. One Mind. Now it is another time. I have learned that everyone is tested by each other so that we may all go to higher levels if we choose. This is the system of the Earth plane.

This is the time of the great planetary initiation. I feel Votan is now the magnet of the future, so we cannot stay stuck in the past! Note that VV disincarnated in 2011. Pacal Votan disincarnated in 683. 2011 – 683 = 1,328! 13:28! 13 Moons/28-days, the prophecy is true—just as it is inscribed in the thirteen clear signs of the tomb of Pacal Votan. All the synchronicities are astounding, including the events that preceded his passing, many of which I have included in the Afterword of part two of his Biography, Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change… He had just finished reading the final draft and editing of this biography a few weeks before he exited. One of his final instructions to me was to release it as soon as possible. So I have done my best.

In these past 55 days, I have also learned that when you are stripped down bare to a raw space all the Holy Scriptures and galactic teachings speak directly to your heart with no filter. In the raw, open space you become nothing, and so are opened to everything. This is the fundamental essence of the Cosmic History channel that Votan and I have been experiencing over this past nine years—and is also the essence of the GM108X Galactic Mayan mind transmission. To receive this transmission required me to be an open, receptive, blank slate—as is stated in the metaphor of the uninscribed tomb of the Red Queen. This had all been rehearsed in another time, which we both became consciously aware of.

Only in this mutual state of open receptivity to Source could we tap the well of unlimited and ever-evolving cosmic knowledge as well as dip into the archetypal realm picking up streams of parallel universes. This was/is the nature and purpose of my relation with Votan. We were brought together for this prescribed time for the purpose of the Cosmic History transmission and to explore and begin to exemplify another way of being, living and relating from a galactic perspective outside of conventional terms and norms. This is also the nature of the Noosphere II experiment, inclusive of the Noogenesis meditations. This information and knowledge has been made available through the Cosmic History Chronicles (of which the seventh is now being completed).

But in order to know and evolve this process, we had to create for ourselves a type of “alchemical vessel” that was generally removed from too much worldly interaction. We understood that the thoughforms generated from this experiment are then registered into the noosphere and made available as a type of archival record for all to access. The more we practice, the more we carve a new pathway, making it easier for others to hook into this stream. Two people had to start this process—but it is certainly not exclusive, it is meant for all.

There are many worlds to explore—our mind is so vast and we have only begun to explore it. But to explore these worlds we have to lift out of conditioned response and release all judgments and see the world new and fresh… The human emotions are our laboratory of transformation—the transformative arts—learning to redirect negative emotion into higher channels—learning how to change our energy at will. It doesn’t have to take years of practice to reach the Divine Source, you can go sit down and do it right now by clearing your mind and making the intention then will yourself to reach the source. Touch in and bathe in the sacred essence that is always waiting for you. The synchronic codes mean nothing if you are not plugged into source…but when you are, then the codes become like a holographic pop-up book!

It is up to each of us to hold the Light High and keep envisioning and re-envisioning the world of the New Time—the coming of galactic civilization—the Highest Dream manifesting for all peoples and the Whole Earth.

For my part I will do everything in my power to fulfill my sacred covenant with Votan, of which the external part was laid out in the FLT Update ( It had been our plan to remain largely in seclusion, furthering the Noosphere II experiment and holding a meditation vigil on behalf of the Great Transformation through 12-21-2012. I will continue holding this meditation vigil and subsequent practices with the aim of further activating the noosphere and cultivating the supermental states of consciousness on behalf of the whole Earth. This is my commitment to Votan and to the “apprenticeship” and as his successor I will be applying all codes that has been brought through, along with those who are already practicing or who are inspired to join me to form an even more conscious telepathic network. Of course this is also the original vision of the synchronized meditations of the CREST13 Centers.

Time is short. It is up to those who have heard the message of the New Time to build the bridge, create the ark, carve a new passageway. VV’s passing is a reminder for us all that we only have a certain number of days allotted between birth and death. He always said it was important to keep your own death at the forefront of your consciousness, that way we don’t squander our time on earth. What is the best use of our time? What does the Creator want us to do with our days? I believe our collective connection with the Galactic Force – the Sacred Source is the only thing that will save us from the darkness that is devouring the world. Only when we make direct contact with Source can we be truly satisfied.

My prayer is that those of you reading this will now be awakened at an even deeper level to the clarity, inspiration and dedication to your role in this interplanetary story of how we transform, heal and re-enchant the planet, making it into a work of art and manifesting the Rainbow Bridge.

As the Earth Wizards know, Mother Earth is far wiser than She is given credit for. She is infinitely more powerful than humans and their technology and She can change Herself at any moment and in the twinkling of an eye. She needs to know that we believe in Her power. She needs to feel our collective childlike innocence, wonder and awe at Her magical abilities. She needs us to believe in our own magic and to always remember that Anything is Possible in the Open Ended Infinite Reality of which we are all intrinsically interwoven. Mother Earth is awaiting the right moment, when belief in Her reaches a peak, so that she can spread Her wings and eject the Rainbow Bridge -- ushering in the Return of the People of OMA across the bridge of time—Original Matrix Attained!

I offer a poem for the New Time inspired by a dream vision:

In the Butterfly Fields under the yellow moon on the eve when all doubt was banished, yesterday receded and I saw the new story inscribed

Let me paint for you a picture anew

Of the New Time coming

the Yogini’s brew (keep in mind the I is You!)

First I heard

The Crash! and Boom! of a loud guitar

Moving through the mountains

In a dazzling array of radiant light beams—

multicolor hexagons

Exploded in a

Domed celebration of drums and sea!


The fair maiden returned to open the stars!

In her smile and her laugh came the healing of Mars!


The birds got new tongues and their songs turned to suns

And the suns all laughed and called to rain, to purify earth and

Begin again … begin again …


Mists turned to diamonds glistening in air.

And the beasts became beautiful

And everything smelled like prayer!

Onward they marched through the windy brook

When you see the purple unicorn you will know that

Love has finally took!

Follow the lighted stars

In love, the planets spread

Signs of rapture exploding—this is LIFE, we are no longer DEAD!

Mountains rock and the sea rolls as the lost chord crashes

And dust to dust and ashes to ashes

It is the moment we have all been waiting for

It’s the Universal Dream—the everlasting glow!

Breathe deep and let go!

Multicolored supernovas explode in the sky

Moving through mountains—no more children cry!

Enchanters, Enchantress

Beat that drum

Look up, look in

Look to the Central Sun

Give thanks to our Creator

The Rainbow Bridge has made us One!

Peace, Love and Magick

In Lak’ech

Stephanie/Red Queen/Red Electric Serpent

“I activate in order to survive…”

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