Report from The Whole Earth Festival 2011! By Eden Sky.

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The Whole Earth Festival in Davis California was Founded by Jose Arguelles back in 1969, based on a creative assignment he gave to his Art History students. As a totally free, student-run annual festival - this was its 42nd year! Since Jose passed away on March 23, 2011 Red Spectral Moon, one of his original students who is highly involved with the Festival - Sunny Shine - really wanted to activate the 13 Moon Calendar presence at the Festival, and she also planned to hold a memorial for Jose on those grounds that held so much significant history in his life.

So we answered the call and made the journey! On Red Electric Skywalker Day, (May 6) I had the honor of traveling to University of California in Davis with Jacob and Kelly who run Jose's organization: Foundation For the Law of Time. Also Forrest, Planetary Sun who is a long time calendar agent was part of our crew. Together, our galactic signatures combined to make White Cosmic Wizard! After a long and joyous journey from Ashland, Oregon, we arrived in great spirits and went to work setting up the Dreamspell Pavillion - an interactive time-ship you can walk inside of with activating art and natural time calendar codes. It brought a magical presence to the festival, and the full color Dreamspell Glyphs helped people find our 13-Moon Calendar booth!

Also a beautiful kin named Juryt, Blue Solar Night, from the Netherlands traveled all the way to be there and help at the Festival. He is a beautiful human being and was a great support in introducing the kin into natural time! He has been tracking the calendar since 2004, and has highly activated his little village in the Netherlands, including crystal meetings, and sharing the calendar codes with many children as he is a soccer coach. He came all the way to honor Jose, and to meet us, as new members of his Galactic Family.

On Red Electric Skywalker, I had the honor and joy of giving a 2012 Talk/Calendar Teaching to a wonderful group of kin. It started out as a small group of 4, and once I started, waves of people kept joining in, eventually arriving at a full dome of approximately 40 people! It was powerful to share the essence of Jose's teachings there on the same grounds he used to teach as a professor, to people that were now attending a festival he helped to originate so long ago. A full spiral in bloom! I felt his presence with us in the higher dimensions. It was a great success in turning many new people on to how to liberate out of mechanical time and explore the natural time of synchronicity! Everyone walked away with the Red Overtone Moon Wall Calendars that I publish, and the new White Rhythmic Wizard pocket calendars from FLT. Also present at the teaching was a dear friend of mine who himself is a Art History teacher at UC Davis, a Galactic Worldbridger. Throughout the weekend, many people from the workshop came to the booth and got decoded, and it was very inspiring to hear great feedback from many of them of how meaningful they felt the calendar teaching was.

On Self-Existing Wizard (May 7) we were joined by Elizabeth Whitney, Blue Solar Eagle, the original "Time Bandit" was has been working with this calendar since it first emerged in 1992, and Mark Heley, White Galactic Wind who has been part of the Calendar movement for over a decade and has been recently dedicating himself to the Peace2012 project to make Solstice 2012 the biggest moment of Peace the Planet has ever felt. (Check out and join in!) They traveled together to join our Kin reunion. Also Katy O Leary, Planetary Serpent who was a local kin joined our gathering with her Rainbow Warrior Presence!

Elizabeth Whitney brought 4 photo albums that had precious photos documenting monumental moments in the Global Calendar Movement. She had stunning photos of the Original Launch of the Dreamspell in 1992 with Jose and Lloydine Arguelles, photos from the Dissolving the Boundaries Ceremony held in "4 Corners" in 1995, photos from the gathering for the Day out of Time - New Year in Teotihuacan in 1996 Blue Self-Existing Storm Year, photos from the First Congress of Biospheric Rights in Brazil 1996, photos from the World Congress on Peace and Time in Costa Rica 1999, etc...

It was powerful and heart-warming to see the familiar faces of so many kin from around the world who have worked to bring this wisdom to their communities, and to see all the art and culture that the Natural Time Calendar has inspired across the globe. A precious photo for me personally to see was one of myself at age 18 holding my very first calendar, hugging Randy Bruner Cosmic Hand (who was the original Dreamspell calendar maker) holding his calendar. It was deeply moving to take in images documenting the precious continuum of this Calendar movement, and also my own personal journey having been a part of this for 17 years now!

It was also amazing to see so many sides of Jose with his whole spectrum of style and expression. Likewise, there were countless beautiful photos of Beloved Lloydine who likewise dedicated so many years of so much heart to sharing the wisdom of Natural Time around the world, and is still with us, holding the Spirit of this precious lineage.

Later on 4 Wizard, we had a lovely community memorial for Jose. Sunny Shine, (who is also a Blue Solar Eagle) brought all kinds of wonderful things for the gathering, including a huge laminated Galactic Shield with all the 20 tribes on it which we placed crystals on, along with photos of Jose and a Tibetan Prayer Shawl. She also brought a huge Rainbow Bridge, a print of the 7 Chakras with the 7 Radial Plasmas, a Rainbow Body Padmasambhava, and she set up a beautiful Tibetan Buddhist Altar. She was especially happy to host this memorial on this day, as Jose himself was a Tibetan Buddhist for much of his life, and in that tradition after someone passes, there is a 49-day "Bardo" period in which it is the most important and auspicious time to send positive energies to that person to bless their Journey on the other side as they make their transition, and continue on in this vast Universe. This day was the start of the 47th day since his passing.

We blessed the space with Tibetan Juniper, and started the ceremony with the Prayer of the 7 Galactic Directions, with Forrest playing a Native American Flute that Jose had given him. We opened the space for people to share memories and speak from their hearts. It was a beautiful display of heart, tears, appreciation and recognition of how deeply Jose had touched each of us personally, and also how incredibly vast his achievements were and his influence on our global human culture, especially as the Original 2012 Messenger, and the man who first turned the eyes of the world to the significance of the Mayan Time Science.

Alongside the calendar crew of myself, Jacob, Kelly, Forrest, Mark, Elizabeth, Juryt, Katy, Sunny Shine, we also had Asha and her husband from Ashland who run Pacific Domes and are deeply aligned with Jose's vision, and also a beautiful show of 7-8 new kin who had been at the calendar workshop and were coming to pay their respects. We decoded them in the circle! Also the woman who ran all the workshops at the Festival, Clara was present. She said that as a student of UC Davis, after Jose passed, they were invited to research Jose and she shared that because she learned that Jose used to start all of his classes back in 1969 by playing a Native American flute, she was inspired to now learn how to play the Native American Flute herself. She bought a new flute at the festival, and brought it to the circle!

Last but not least, we had a very special guest present at the Memorial: Seymore Howard joined us. He was Jose Arguelles' Art History Professor at University of Chicago, and he came to honor him. He spoke of what a "Gentleman" Jose was, and how he had all the frailties and all the strengths that a man has. He said he had tracked Jose's accomplishments throughout his life and could really see the evolution of his works. It was very moving to hear him talk, as his presence was communicating even more than his words. Overall, having one of Jose's original teachers there, one of Jose's original students, so many old kin, and new kin brought a tremendous feeling of wholeness to the ceremony. We did 108 Heart Sutra Mantras: "Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Swaha," a Rainbow Bridge Meditation, ended with a triumphant circle of kin holding hands, dedicating the merit on behalf of All Sentient Beings Everywhere!

As someone remarked, the Whole Earth Festival itself was a living Memorial to Jose Arguelles. The vibration of the Festival was lovely - very peaceful, wholesome, down to earth, artistic, free-spirited and earth conscious. I felt Jose's presence there deeply, and I felt it was a great honor for us to bring the 13-Moon Calendar revelations to life there on his behalf. All in all, I felt it was a total success - we passed out a zillion 13-Moon Calendars (both the current Overtone Moon Year and the upcoming Rhythmic Wizard Year Calendars), decoded and activated many new kin, bonded as a Galactic Family, and planted many beautiful seeds to flower over time. In the Monkey Wavespell, we had a lot of fun, laughter and sharing with people how to play with the codes of synchronicity and bring Magic to their time!

We also decoded a White Rhythmic Mirror who will be the Day out of Time kin for the next year - July 25, 2012, and right before we leaving the festival, we decoded a young man whose birthday was July 26, the Galactic New Year. In fact, he was a Red Spectral Moon, which was the kin of the day Jose Arguelles passed on, and also the Year that Jose Arguelles was born, meaning that this young man was born 52 years after Jose. (This felt like Jose winking at us!) When I shared the significance of his kin with him, he was very receptive and said it really helped him understand himself and his responsibility in this larger picture.

Sunny Shine was deeply grateful we made the journey, and she is excited to see how the 13-Moon Calendar can have an even larger presence in the next 2012 Whole Earth Festival. Who knows, maybe one of you reading this will even be there next year to help activate!

In closing, I want to acknowledge this report is written on Yellow Rhythmic Warrior (May 9) which in Oregon time marks the start of the 49th and Final Day of Jose Arguelles' Bardo cycle, that will complete tomorrow on Red Resonant Earth (May 10) at 1:10pm here in Oregon (PST). I have no words to convey my gratitude for all that I have received from Jose - as a friend, and as a teacher, and I have no words to convey how honored I am to uphold the precious jewels of this lineage... May the art, science and spirituality of Natural Time continue to unite and inspire an ever-deepening cooperation of Planetary Kin to positively Fulfill this Living Prophecy and join together in building the New World Age with our own creative Hands and sincere Hearts! AH YUM HUNAB KU EVAM MAYA E MA HO!

~Eden Sky, Red Self-Existing Skywalker

42nd Year of Whole Earth Festival!

Jose Arguelles in the early days!

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